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The Office of Burlington County Historian is dedicated to the preservation and sharing of the rich history of Burlington County, New Jersey. The County Historian is appointed annually by the Burlington County Board of Chosen Freeholders and serves the citizens of Burlington County as a volunteer.

The county was formally established in 1694. In 1994 we celebrated the Tercentenary of Burlington County.

Four initiatives illustrate the scope and mission of the office of County Historian:

REMEMBRANCE - It is important to keep alive the memory of how the county was established and how it developed over the years. Through projects, lectures, publications and other means, the Office of County Historian helps the citizens of Burlington County remember their rich heritage.

PRESERVATION - There are hundreds of historic sites throughout Burlington County. Most of the 40 county municipalities have their own historical societies which have done a great deal to preserve their historic buildings and institutions. Through programs and competitions, the Office of County Historian assists in the wider appreciation of local historic sites. These goals are reached by promoting preservation through art, photography, publications, lectures, and tours.

MEMORIALIZATION - One way to keep the memories of the past alive is to identify through sinage, memorials and placards those historic sites which still exist, but which have been modernized or transformed, as well as identifying the location of long lost sites which contributed to our history. This objective is also attained through themed tours of historic Burlington County locations. The County Historian uses his office to assist in this objective.

CELEBRATION - A means to raise awareness of the rich history of the county is to commemorate anniversaries of special historic events. When the county celebrated its Tercentenary in 1994, events were held in communities, schools and organizations to educate the citizens of the county about our rich history. As milestone anniversaries of the founding of towns and institutions, of buildings and organizations, and of battles and victories are celebrated, the public is afforded an opportunity to learn the details of those events. The County Historian contributes to this process by encouraging such celebrations and commemorations.



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