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 To All Readers of “BACK IN TIME” ,




         For the past four years and over 130 hand crafted editions, BACK IN TIME has been dolling out local history in spades through the pages of THE TOWN NEWS. In recent years, Burlington County Freeholders honored this column with its own History Preservation Award, recognizing that a town’s history is its heart and soul.


In the wake of THE TOWN NEWS closing, I am pleased to announce BACK IN TIME will continue in Regina Collinsgru’s wonderful monthly hometown newspaper THE POSITIVE PRESS. Regina has expanded the circulation of the paper to include Palmyra, Riverton, and Cinnaminson. The Newspaper is circulated at 16,000 copies and is mailed to every home and business in Riverside, Delran and Delanco. Locally, the paper is available at The Riverton and Cinnaminson Public Libraries, Ward Fuel, JT Vac and Sew, Palmyra Borough Hall, Mulberry Café on Cinnaminson Ave and Georgetti’s. Eventually, the plan is for the paper to be mailed to every home in Palmyra, Riverton and Cinnaminson as well.


Until then, spread the word that BACK IN TIME is back and get your copies at the locations listed. The newspaper is usually available the first week or so of the month, and the Deadline is the 15th of each month for your own submissions, photos and news. Please go to www.thepositivepressnj.com for more details and online articles about the towns we live in!


BACK IN TIME will feature in every edition with expanded coverage and more photos. Subscription information is available at the POSITIVE PRESS website if you live outside the area and would like your editions mailed to you each month.


Your history is who you are, and its preservation is important. For more info, Go to the Borough Web site @ www.boroughofPalmyra.com and scroll to “communities” and then “Historical Society”.   You will also find some old postcards and historical photos on www.riverlineneighbors.com website as well as many contributory articles. Help us in making Palmyra a better “Place to live and grow”. Get involved in the future of Palmyra by celebrating its past. !!!!


I’ll see my dedicated readers and friends of the Palmyra Historical Society every month in THE POSITIVE PRESS


                                                       Will Valentino ,

                                                        Board Of Trustees

                                                       Palmyra Historical & Cultural Society



BACK IN TIME is © Will Valentino.No reproduction without Author’s consent





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