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New Views VI - 2007

Burlington County Sculptures, Monuments and Memorials

Burlington County contains dozens of sculptures, monuments and memorials that commemorate people and events, celebrate heroism, and identify locations of historic interest. Some are simply adornments for properties or buildings that have gained significance because of their association with the history of the county.

After excluding the majority of community Veteran's Memorials and town clocks from the mix (simply because of their proliferation), and identifying 35 other significant historic sculptures and monuments, we have narrowed our selection to only a small number of them for this year's "New Views" Art and Tourism project. Shown below are the 23 selected objects for the art project. Artists are invited to add their interpretation to the basic, generally simple, designs.

Historical notes on each sculpture, monument or memorial and the location and directions to the site can be accessed by clicking on the name below the picture or on the name of the town on the list shown to the left. All monuments are listed by town.

Download the Artist Application (PDF)Here

Adobe Acrobat Reader required. Download for free here

                      1. John Bull Locomotive    2. Thomas Paine   3. Bordentown Ships   4. Iron Works Hill 

                         5. Pemberton Lion   6. Smithville Eagles    7. Riverside Vets     8. Mercury

              9. Shield Landing    10. Roberts Obelisk  11. Burlington Anchor  12. Dunks Ferry Crossing

       13. Roebling Centennial   14. Moorestown Clock   15. Maple Shade Clock 16. Revolutionary War


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