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Historical Societies

Bass River: Pete Stemmer: [email protected]

Beverly: Dennis Rogers, pres. Riverfront Hist. Soc.: [email protected]; Audrey Henry: [email protected];

Bordentown Historical Society: [email protected]; Patti DeSantis: [email protected];

Susan Wheelock: [email protected]; Kathy Finch: [email protected]

Burlington City: Jan Reed, Pres.: [email protected]; E. Sonstein: [email protected]

Chesterfield Historical Society: Debbie Kelly: [email protected]; Judy M. Aley:

Cinnaminson: (no e-mail)

Delanco: (Hist. Preservation Adv. Bd.): [email protected];

Delran Historical Society – Malcolm Anderson: [email protected]; Elaine McCabe: [email protected]

Eastampton (Smithville): Dave Potts [email protected]; Joyce Wright: [email protected]

Evesham Township Historical Society: Geoffrey Smith, pres.: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];

Fieldsboro: Friends of White Hill: [email protected];

Florence: Judy King: [email protected]

Hainesport: Hal Pschunder: [email protected]

Lumberton Historical Society: Doris Priest, pres.; Ruth Lewis, Treas: [email protected].

Maple Shade Hist. Society: Betty Procopio, pres.: [email protected]; D. Weaver: [email protected];

Mansfield Historical Society: Pearl Tusim (no email) Phone 609-298-4174

Medford: Bill Stauts, Pres.: [email protected]; Janet Jackson-Gould: [email protected];

Medford Lakes: Joan Lewis: [email protected]

Moorestown: Lisa Hammell, pres.: [email protected]; Sara Homer [email protected]

Mount Holly Historical Society: Larry Tigar, pres. [email protected]; [email protected]

Mount Laurel Historical Society: Fran Daley, pres.: [email protected]

New Hanover: Adel Gianaris, acting clerk: [email protected]. 609-758-2172, Ext. 10 (Cookstown)

North Hanover: (no e-mail) Township Office (Jacobstown): 609-758-2522 (Historical Committee Ext. 211)

Palmyra: Jim May Jr., pres: [email protected]; Will Valentino: [email protected]; Carol Lopez: [email protected]

Pemberton Railroad Station: Michael Tamn : [email protected]; John Shaw: [email protected]; Sherry Scull: [email protected]

Riverfront Hist. Soc.: [email protected]; Dennis Rogers, pres.: [email protected]

Riverside: Alice Smith, pres.: [email protected]

Riverton: Gerald Weaber, Pres. [email protected];

Roebling: Pat Millen, Museum Director: [email protected]; Geo. Lengel : [email protected];

Shamong (Indian Mills Historical Society): Joe Reinhart, Pres.: [email protected]; Don Catts: [email protected]; [email protected]; Gail Currier: [email protected]; Atsion : Gail Hunt: [email protected]

Southampton: Bob Ritter, pres.: [email protected], Leisuretowne Hist. Club: Lorraine Rocco, Pres.: [email protected]; Former pres.: [email protected];

Springfield: Dick Toone, pres.: [email protected]

Tabernacle: Dorothy Yates, Pres. (no e-mail) Phone: 609-268-0664; Janice Yates Kennedy: [email protected]. Ann Franzen:[email protected]; Mary Ann Silvers: [email protected];

Washington Twp.: Terry Schmidt: [email protected]

Westampton: Norm Miller, pres.: [email protected]; Shirley Venitski: [email protected]

Willingboro: Charlotte Hack: [email protected]; [email protected]

Woodland Township Historical Society: Debbie Grove, Pres.: [email protected]; Lynn Giamalis (Festival) [email protected]; Betsy Carpenter: [email protected]; Stan & Ellen Fayer: [email protected]; [email protected]; Marilyn Schmidt (Buzby’s): [email protected].

Wrightstown: Larry Lownds: [email protected] (Former mayor – History buff)



Miscellaneous Groups/Organizations

African American Issues: Louise Calloway, UGRR Café: [email protected]

Timbuctoo: Mary Weston: [email protected]; Guy Weston: [email protected];

Francine Still Hicks: (Still Family descendant): [email protected]

Oliver Cromwell Society: Clayton Sills: ______________

Alice Paul Institute Lucy Beard: [email protected] Kris Myers, Dana Dabek

Burlington County Historical Society: Lisa Fox-Pfieffer: [email protected]; Judy Olsen: [email protected]; [email protected]. Jeff Macechak.

Burlington County Prison Museum : Janet Sozio: [email protected]; Marissa Bozarth : [email protected]

Camden & Amboy Railroad Historical Research Group: John Kilbride: [email protected]

West Jersey Chapter, National Railway Historical Society: John Burlage, Historian: [email protected]

Lines on the Pines: Linda Stanton: [email protected]; [email protected]

Military: AFHH (Armed Forces Heritage House): Bob VonBargen: [email protected]; Oren Carrol, Pres: [email protected];

Air Victory Museum: Fred Koch, pres. [email protected]; Fred Canberra.

Native Americans: Mary Ellen Flynn: [email protected].

Peachfield: Maureen O’Conner Leach: [email protected];

Pinelands related: [email protected]; Barbara Solem Stull: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]

Whitesbog: Susan Phillips: [email protected]; Stephanie Schrader:

John Woolman Memorial: Jack & Carol Walz: [email protected].

Smithville Park: Joyce Goldsmith: [email protected]. John Smith: [email protected]

Wharton State Forest: Rob Auermuller, Sup.: [email protected].

Historic Mt. Holly Court House: Donna Mazzanti: [email protected]. Jude del Preore.


Audrey Winzinger (Lumberton): [email protected];

Barbara Irvine: [email protected]

Barry Caselli: [email protected]

Beverly Haaf: [email protected]

Bill Bolger: [email protected]

Carl Shaw: [email protected]

Cathy Antener: [email protected]

Coles Roberts: [email protected];

Donna Harris: [email protected]

Ian Johns: (Iron Works Hill) [email protected]

Jane Peters Estes: [email protected]

Jo Ann Wright: Historic Places Blogspot: [email protected]

Joe Laufer: [email protected];

John Coles: [email protected]

Judy Gaunt: [email protected]

Margaret Westfield: [email protected]

Paul W. Schopp: [email protected];

Peter Hamilton: [email protected]

Robert & Donna Ward: [email protected]

Stacy Flora Ross: [email protected]

Steve Watson: [email protected]

Ted and Sue Huesken: [email protected]

Miscellaneous:[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] .





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