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Roebling Monument

Founders Monument

Location: At Riverside Avenue (in Roebling Park along the Delaware River) at the end of 4th Avenue, Roebling.

Significance - Roebling just celebrated its Centennial. It was founded by the Roebling Family in 1905 because they ran out of space for their wire rope factory in Trenton. The area was previously a potato farm and a railroad stop called Kinkora. In addition to building a factory and foundry, the Roeblings created a self-contained company town to house their workers and their families. One of John Roebling's sons, Charles, had the major responsibility for the development of the town, which also included an Inn (across the street from the monument), an auditorium, a hospital (clinic), and all the other amenities needed for a comfortable life.

The stone monument was originally erected to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the town in 1955. An additional medallion was placed on the stone for the Centennial last year. The inscription reads: "1905-1955 Golden Jubilee - This memorial erected by the citizens of the town of Roebling in honor and in memory of the founders. Sons of John A. Roebling - 1905-1930." Efforts are now underway to create a town museum at the site of the factory gate on Second Avenue.

Directions: Roebling can be accessed via River Road (Rt. 656), driving North from the City of Burlington. River Road becomesFront St. in Florence. After the bend at the end of the village of Florence, bear right on Delaware Avenue, then left onto Hornberger Ave, then turn left at 8th Ave., and take it to the end, bearing right onto Riverside Avenue. The monument and flag will be on your left near 4th Ave.

Roebling can also be accessed directly from Route 130 via either Delaware Avenue (Florence Avenue/Rt. 656) or via Hornberger Avenue. Coming from the north via Hornberger, simply turn right at one of the numbered avenues, taking it to the end: Riverside Avenue, where the monument is located. If you approach from Rt. 656, bear right on Station Ave., which will take you to Hornberger, where you'll turn right, then left onto one of the numbered avenues and proceed to Riverside Avenue.


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